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Hi! This is a joint account of Belle and Bea (the beez). But who are we, anyway?

Belle: I’m the older kid, and I’m probably going to be writing majority of the blog posts while Bea’s still being a noob about writing. Most of the reviewed products will probably be mine, with a few exceptions.

Bea: I’m four years younger than Belle, and I take pictures of the products we review. I actually pushed my sis to start a blog, although she was the one who got me into art.

We do reviews of the watercolor stuff we already have, and soon we may even post our own paintings. Stay tuned for those ^^



We're two crazy sisters who like art and have the same first letter on the first name. Just like it says on the tin *points to username*. As we put away unhealthy amounts of our weekly allowances, we splurge 'em all on any (and possibly every) watercolor brand that local bookstores could ever provide and review them with our "judge-y" eyes. It's a good thing that the Philippines doesn't have too many expensive brands, then, or we'd both be broke before college.

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